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Presentation Types: How To Case Study Academic Paper

Fri 6 Nov
Finding your Moodle MOJO
Presenter : Gina Veliotis (Australia)

Mojo has many different meanings, but originated as a reference to a type of magical charm. But what does Mojo have to do with Moodle?
Join me as we explore creative ways to inject some Mojo into ...

Fri 6 Nov
LX Design: Mapping Learner Journeys
Presenter : Joyce Seitzinger (Australia)

The emerging concept of learner experience design, or LX Design, is all about creating better experiences for learners. By combining traditional learning design methods with new user experience ...

Fri 6 Nov
How to replace table tags with a structured
Presenter : Jayne Bachelor (Australia)

Do you have tables in your course being used to display navigation buttons or images? As you know this is an issue for mobile devices as tables are not responsive and can't be read by screen ...
Fri 6 Nov
BigBlueButton Road Map
Presenter : Fred Dixon (Canada)

BigBlueButton is an open source web conferencing system for on-line learning.  The goal of the project is to enable remote learners to have a high-quality on-line learning experience.  

Fred Dixon, ...

Fri 6 Nov
7 Exciting Uses For Event Monitoring In Moodle
Presenter : Vinny Stocker (Malaysia)

Event monitoring is one of the most powerful and flexible new features to be introduced into Moodle. (2.8). By the end of this presentation you will be able to……….

  • Set up event monitoring

  • Discuss use...

Fri 6 Nov
Game of Negatives
Presenter : Miriam Laidlaw (New Zealand)

Navigating the confusing waters of double-negatives in Moodle conditional access settings, we've managed to come up with some interesting and fun results. Just by using labels on the page, we can ...

Fri 6 Nov
Making it count - CPD pathways on a Moodle site
Presenter : Lindy Klein (Australia)

One of the challenges for organisations using Moodle to provide Continuing Professional Development is tracking who has done what and when (especially without a Student Management System!).  Added ...

Fri 6 Nov
Using Gamification in a Robotics Programming Class
Presenter : Richard Jones (New Zealand)

The presentation will discuss the use of Gamification in a Year 10 Robotics class.  Students were introduced to programming with the Lego EV3 brick.  A Leaderboard was established and Open Badges ...

Fri 6 Nov
Getting to grips with the Generico filter
Presenter : Andy Chaplin (Germany)

The Generico Filter is a clever way of adding widgets and formatting objects within your Moodle site.  There are pre-made templates, but creating your own to add some bells and whistles to your ...

Fri 6 Nov
A step-by-step guide to designing engaging team tasks in Moodle
Presenter : Anouk Janssens-Bevernage (Australia)

This session gives an overview of what it takes to make team tasks work online and how they typically boost participation rates dramatically. I briefly touch upon how this supports adult learning ...

Fri 6 Nov
Fill in the blanks question types
Presenter : Marcus Green (United Kingdom)

Quiz questions that ask students to fill in multiple blanks are very useful, but the core Cloze question type is hard to use. I have created a very easy to use Gapfill question type is very easy to...
Fri 6 Nov
Whole School Attendance & Learning Attitudes tracking on Moodle
Presenter : Andrew Chiu (Hong Kong)

When we needed an improved way of recording attendance and reporting it, we looked at a number of options and chose to hack it together in Moodle - it was fast and ready to go on a system familiar ...

Fri 6 Nov
Adding and Using Simulations, Virtual Labs and Remote Labs in a Moodle Course
Presenter : Luis de la Torre (Spain)

It is commonly accepted that digital media (such as simulations, videos, interactive screen experiments or web labs) can positively impact student knowledge, skills and attitudes. Consequently, ...

Fri 6 Nov
Zombie Plugins
Presenter : Sarah Cotton (United Kingdom)

There are many unmaintained plugins in the Moodle Plugins Directory that have comments from non-developers asking if they are going to be made available for newer versions of Moodle.

On many (but ...

Fri 6 Nov
The Future of Learning: Project-based teaching and assessment supported ...
Presenter : Paolo Oprandi (United Kingdom)

Content-based curricula which require students to have facts at the tip of the tongue has had its day. 

Multiplication tables, historical dates, scientific formulae and so on are all important, but ...

Fri 6 Nov
Pushing the database activity to its limits - Create an awesome student ...
Presenter : Frederic Nevers (Hong Kong)

The database activity type is very powerful, but doesn't look great out-of-the-box. In this fast-paced session, I will show you tips and tricks to create a database that looks great on all devices ...

Fri 6 Nov
How to create interactive video-style SCORM-Modules with iSpring-Suite8
Presenter : Guido Hornig (Germany)

Students and corporate learners love videos - even when they show just slides and simple animation - but how to engage learners  inside the video? There is no interaction with the normal video ...

Fri 6 Nov
Moodle and PDFs - from clunky to funky to maximum coolness
Presenter : Frankie Kam (Malaysia)

This is a pretty long description, so you better sit down. Preferably with a mug of hot coffee or a latte. Better still, a mojito. Okay, let's begin!


Fri 6 Nov
Putting the 'oo' into Moodle
Presenter : Rebecca Barrington (United Kingdom)

My last iMoot keynote was a focus on the L in Moodle ( Focusing on learning is still important when using Moodle. However, in some ...

Sat 7 Nov
Create Click to Grade Teacher reports and Admin reports in Minutes
Presenter : Ben Haensel (United States)

Have you had trouble finding a grading report that helps teachers “click to grade” ALL of the different kinds of submitted assessments your institution uses? Is your institution looking for a means...

Sat 7 Nov
Adaptive Quizzes and Scientific Quizzes: two complementary approaches
Presenter : Carles Aguilo (Spain)

Ada Quiz is a new activity type in Moodle. Based on Moodle Quiz, it enables the teacher to guide the learner activity based on their score in different questions.

In a regular quiz, the student jump...

Sat 7 Nov
Shape your Learning Environment using Pen Paper Scissors and Glue
Presenter : Bas Brands (Netherlands)

During the Moodle Moot 2015 in Dublin I presented a half day workshop on shaping and designing an optimized Learning Environment using nothing but Pen, Paper, Old magazines and scissors.

I ...

Sat 7 Nov
Moodle Gradebook: Friend or Foe!?!
Presenter : Inda Johnson (United States)

The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the features of the grade book, show how to incorporate different features and provide information on different uses for the grade book. The...

Sat 7 Nov
Panel Session
Presenter : Gareth J Barnard (United Kingdom)
Presenter : Shane Elliott (Hong Kong)
Presenter : Merrin Bennett (Australia)

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