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Mojo has many different meanings, but originated as a reference to a type of magical charm. But what does Mojo have to do with Moodle?
Join me as we explore creative ways to inject some Mojo into your Moodle courses.  Mojo is infectious.  Moodle and Mojo together opens up a new world of exciting possibilities, and of course, learning that is delivered with a difference. 
Come and get your Moodle Mojo back!

My last iMoot keynote was a focus on the L in Moodle ( Focusing on learning is still important when using Moodle. However, in some organisations we may not even get that far with staff 'opting out' of using Moodle in some way and not giving students the chance to benefit from learning with it.  

My keynote will be about putting the 'oo' into Moodle and to consider how we get staff and students enthused and excited by Moodle.  How do we enable this - especially with busy workloads and a wide range of priorities for many teaching staff?  What are the challenges? What are the quick fixes?  What should be the focus? 

The presentation will be an open and honest reflection based on working with a further education organisations and a wide range of staff and students.  It will be based on practical solutions that have already been implemented and those that are planned for the future.

The session will also enable the sharing of ideas as part of our excellent Moodle network so that we can all take our Moodle use to the next step.